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Visual Link Spanish Review

Visual Link Spanish - Review Summary

An interactive course that takes a unique approach that differs from other courses.
It teaches Spanish using interactive games, quizzes, and puzzles.
It's ideal for those who prefer to learn by "watching" and "interacting" rather than "listening".

Pros and Cons of the Visual Link Spanish

Pros Pros

  • The learning approach from Visual Link Spanish is unique from any other Spanish language software program. Instead of an emphasis on vocabulary and grammar, it teaches you Spanish through fun, interactive activities and building sentence structure.

  • The included Advanced Verb Module teaches you verb conjugation (i.e. “I run, you run, he runs…) in a way that’s entertaining – not boring like many grammatical exercises can be. You’ll easily be building proper Spanish sentences in no time!


  • The Visual Link Spanish course is priced somewhat higher than other courses reviewed here, which may be a barrier for people looking for more affordable Spanish language software.

  • The interactive games and entertainment could be viewed as somewhat childish or geared toward younger viewers, however if you approach it with an open mind, you’ll find that you recall words better, remember sentences more clearly and learn Spanish more easily – especially where more “traditional” methods have failed.

  • There is no digital version of the course to download. You must purchase the physical version.

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3.5 / 5

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What People Are Saying

-"This is the greatest Spanish course that I've been involved with".

Lyn, Illinois.

-"I was able to progress quickly, the lessons are presented in such a way that I was very quickly speaking in complete sentences".


Who Is It For?

If you’ve ever struggled to learn Spanish the “old fashioned way” through repetitive drills, boring grammar and constant memorization, you’ll find Visual Link Spanish to be a refreshing and unique way of learning a language when you never thought you could. By learning through entertainment and fun quizzes, you make learning Spanish more of a game than a chore.


Format: Interactive course.


Hands-on learning through games, quizzes, interactive entertainment, puzzles and graphics.


Provided in 2 levels:

The Complete Course:
220 interactive lessons on 2 CDs,
28 vocabulary review lessons,
37 review games,
59 quizzes,
28 pronunciation lessons,
10 audio CDs to play in your car or take with you on your portable CD player, plus a conversational manual and a travel case for the audio CDs.

Level 2 Advanced Verb Module:

A downloadable application that includes games for learning verbs, conjugation and direct objects – all challenging aspects of Spanish made easy thanks to the one-on-one fun, laid back aspect of the games.

"The Complete Course" is offered alone for $135, and "The Verb Course Module" is offered for $99.95. There is a special offer on Visual Link Spanish going on now where you can get both for $199.95. The two modules work better when used together and you’ll greatly increase your knowledge of the Spanish language by taking advantage of the offer and getting them both.

Visual Link Spanish - Full Review

Visual Link Spanish is what it sounds like – it’s based on the visual nature of people to pick up, learn and repeat what they see. The entire course is based on a unique linguistic approach which involves fun games like quizzes and puzzles to play. If you’ve tried learning Spanish before either through software or books, you’ll find Visual Link Spanish a different change of pace that just might make the difference for you and help you remember words and phrases where you struggled before.

Visual Link Spanish also gives you a wide variety of material in its lessons, encouraging practical application. Its advanced Verb Module application isn’t just a hastily put together bonus – rather it’s a complete program in and of itself which teaches you to communicate with ease using verbs in their proper tense as well as direct objects in the grammatically correct way. All without appearing like a “grammar drill” at all.

There’s a lot involved in Visual Link Spanish, but you’ll likely be able to recall more information and repeat it more fluently when you’re taught at a comfortable pace using the interactive games and puzzles. It might just make you feel like a kid again – and that’s a good thing!

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