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Rocket Spanish Premium Review

Rocket Spanish Premium - Review Summary

With thousands of testimonials from people who swore they’d NEVER learn a foreign language, Rocket Spanish Premium is our top choice for learning Spanish quickly, easily and affordably.

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Pros and Cons of the Rocket Spanish Premium

Pros Pros

  • Best value for the price – You get a complete, easy-to-follow Spanish language course at a fraction of the cost of other Spanish software programs.
  • Unique approach to learning grammar (no more boring repetition or memorization!) Fully illustrated grammar lessons take place in “real world” situations, making it easy to absorb the words and phrases you need to know quickly.
  • Mega software “games” for verbs, vocab and audio – Rocket Spanish Premium includes three full software “games” that teach you Spanish in a completely interactive, immersive environment.
  • Active forum ready to answer all your questions – Rocket Spanish boasts a dynamic help forum where you can ask and answer questions along with thousands of fellow users.
  • Digital version available – for less than HALF the price of the physical version of the course!


  • Physical version costs $299.95 + $50 for Shipping – I recommend downloading the digital version (for $99.95) and saving over $250. The two courses are identical in every way except that you can get the digital version instantly on your computer.

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5.0 / 5

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What People Are Saying

"I love it, it's a great program,it's helped me improve my Spanish skills, specially in the area of grammar"
-Raymon, Texas

"All of the other programs that I listen to were either confusing or the instructor talked so fast I couldn't begin to understand and repeat what they were saying. Then I found Rocket Spanish Premium. What a difference, I have learned so much and with such ease that I've surprised myself and my Spanish friends."
- Delta, Michigan

"I ordered Rocket Spanish Premium about 6 months ago I've gone through all of the lessons. I can carry on a basic conversation with the workers, I can meet someone new, I can ask them how they are, where they are from, I can shop at some of the local markets here, I can order in a restaurant, It is an excellent program"
-Joseph, California

Who Is It For?

This course is aimed at beginners who would like to learn Spanish quickly and participate in everyday conversation. It takes approximately two months to become fully acquainted with the Spanish language although you will need less time to be able to learn basic expressions and start speaking the language confidently.



Format: Audio Lessons + Grammar Lessons + Interactive Vocabulary and Verbs Application.


Rocket Spanish Premium is based upon the incredibly successful “linguistic approach” to learning language – similar to how you learned your native language as an infant. However, Rocket Spanish Premium goes beyond this approach to include interactive games to help intensify learning and recall.

1-Interactive Audio Course:

The main component of Rocket Spanish Premium is its 31 audio lessons. Each lesson is approximately 25 minutes long – providing you with over 14 hours of Spanish language tutoring. Each lesson is presented in a straightforward “real life” scenario and includes audio as well as transcripts so you can follow along and recognize written Spanish as well as the spoken language.

2-Grammar Lessons (31 Lessons):

The grammar lessons are intended to work much like the audio courses. They cover everything from basic language grammar to more advanced tenses and sentence construction. Over 100 hours of straightforward, easy-to-follow Spanish grammar lessons are included with Rocket Spanish Premium and each lesson incorporates easily recognized words and scenarios so that you see how each pattern fits into the conversation. By far the most comprehensive grammar training you’ll find in Spanish.

3- MegaVocab Software game:

This fun software game helps you learn and recall over 1,000 Spanish words across 20 different topics. You can add your own words and pictures (great for travelers!). The focus of the MegaVocab game is to help you stretch your vocabulary knowledge and remember words much easier than rote memorization and repetition.

3-MegaAudio Software game:

The goal of the MegaAudio software game is to teach you how to understand spoken Spanish easily. You’ll listen in on different conversations and learn how to recognize words you already understand. This is a crucial part of learning Spanish that most courses do not include or even deal with – making Rocket Spanish Premium much more attuned to “real life situations” in Spanish than any other course or Spanish class.

4-MegaVerbs Software game:

Learning verbs in Spanish can be a surprising and hard-to-grasp idea, since they’re formed in a completely different way from English. Using the MegaVerbs software game, however, you’ll learn the different formats of verbs and how to use them efficiently to express yourself in a given situation. What was once the most troublesome part of learning Spanish can now become the easiest!

5- Member’s Only Forum – Lifetime Access

Sometimes, when you’re learning a new language, you get “stuck” – and no matter how good the Spanish language software’s Help file is, sometimes the answer just isn’t there. If that sounds like your problem, you’ll be glad to know that Rocket Spanish has a full Member’s forum, which you’ll get lifetime access to when you purchase the software. Get help from a native Spanish speaker or a fellow user who’s learning – just like you!

Rocket Spanish Premium - Full Review

Rocket Spanish Pro is, in my opinion, one of the best online Spanish courses you can buy for several reasons:

  • It’s affordable – just $99.95 is all it costs to start learning Spanish immediately. You don’t have to go out to a computer store, look at all the software titles and pick one (for hundreds of dollars) that “might” work. Rocket Spanish Premium has hundreds and hundreds of reviews from real people who have successfully learned to speak Spanish.

  • It uses real-life lessons – You’ll learn to speak Spanish by listening and mimicking what you hear, just like you learned your native language. Hearing native speakers in real scenarios makes it easy to comprehend and relate to what you hear.

  • You’ll hear native Spanish – Not a computer voice. This helps you understand the right pronunciation of different words and phrases, so that you can be more easily understood by others in a conversation.

  • Learn day-to-day phrases easily – This is ideal for the Spanish language student who wants to get up-to-speed quickly on common phrases and words, before a trip, for example.

  • The best grammar instruction – With over 30 fully illustrated grammar lessons, you’ll learn sentence structure and other grammatical points quickly and easily – without all the frustration!

  • Terrific games make learning fun – MegaVocab, MegaVerb and MegaAudio software (included with your purchase of Rocket Spanish Premium) are a fun way to go beyond the lessons and relax while broadening your knowledge of the language.

  • Helpful support and answers – all just a click away thanks to the support forum. Get tips and advice from fellow users, native speakers and fluent professionals.

  • Fantastic bonuses included – When you order Rocket Spanish Premium, you get 10 bonus audio tracks and MegaCards, a collection of interactive flash cards that can help you practice while you’re on the go. A great way to “brush up” on your language skills.

  • 60 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee – That means you can try out Rocket Spanish Premium for a full two months and if for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied, you can get a full refund. It’s that simple.

  • Highest Number of Satisfied Users – Rocket Spanish Premium has helped thousands of people successfully learn to speak Spanish – and the site’s testimonials prove it.

IMPORTANT Note about the Course Upgrade:

When you’re in the process of completing your order for Rocket Spanish Premium, you’ll be given the option to upgrade to Rocket Spanish Premium Plus for an additional $150. Here’s what you need to know about the upgrade to be able to decide whether it’s the right choice for you.

The upgrade is actually another full course, containing 28 audio tracks, each approximately 40 minutes long (that means a total of over 18 hours of instruction). The upgrade builds on what you learn in the main course and gives you specific interactions based on day to day situations beyond what Rocket Spanish Premium covers.

For example, you’ll learn how to conduct transactions in Spanish at a bank, or what to say if you’re involved in a job interview or just hanging out with friends. Of course, these topics are covered in the main course, but with the upgrade, you’ll get many more details and conversational situations.

So is the upgrade worth it? Considering that the course itself usually sells for $250, you can grab it at a $100 savings if you order at checkout. If, however $150 is out of your budget or you really don’t need the advanced situations or conversational language, you won’t need to add it to your order.

Well, if $150 is behind your budget, or it's money you need to think about twice, then , my advice is to stick with the primary course, it covers all your Spanish learning needs.

However, if you can afford easily an extra $150, then it makes a good offer for you, it normally sells for $250, which means you'll save $100 if you grab the special offer.

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