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Learn Spanish Like Crazy Review

Learn Spanish Like Crazy - Review Summary

Learn Spanish Like Crazy (LSLC) is made up of audio lessons recorded by native Latin American Spanish speakers. In my opinion, it’s a good idea to learn Spanish this way because you get the correct pronunciation and you learn practical, everyday Spanish

Pros and Cons of the Learn Spanish Like Crazy

Pros Pros

  • “Real Life” interactions in everyday Spanish make learning the language interesting and interactive.

  • Linguistic learning method employs the same basic principles you used to learn your native language as a child.

  • Available as a digital download for $99.95 or a physical version shipped to you on CDs for $299.

  • Includes several bonuses (see below) easily worth hundreds of dollars


  • You will need to study and practice often in order to realistically speak Spanish with confidence.

  • LSLC will take you from absolute beginner to an intermediate Spanish speaker, however, if you want to learn more advanced-level Spanish, you will need to purchase the second level course, titled “Learn Spanish Like Crazy Nivel Dos (Level Two).

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4.0 / 5

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What People Are Saying

-"I can only say good things about 'Learning Like Crazy'; the voices are clear and pleasant to listen to, the content relevant, the flow of topics logical. Customer service is professional and friendly".

Frank – Kansas

-"I bought LSLC and never looked back. The learning is simple and easy to remember and the weekly teleclasses are second to none. Now, I get praise from my employees for my effort to learn their language".

Carie, IN

Who Is It For?

Learning Spanish Like Crazy is ideal for people who have never had a Spanish class (or don’t remember what they may have been taught in high school or college). It’s also a good refresher for intermediate Spanish speakers, however, if you’re looking for more advanced material, you’ll want to buy the second level (Nivel Dos) course instead.


-Format: Audio Lessons

-Methodology: Based upon the famous linguistic approach of language learning (listening to words and phrases spoken by native speakers and repetition of them in a scientific order).


30 Audio lessons which are spread across 15 CDs in the physical version.  You will follow a specific language learning direction that will take you from beginner to intermediate level Spanish fluency. 

With Learning Spanish Like Crazy, you’ll not only learn basic phrases and expressions in Spanish, but you’ll also build your vocabulary and understand basic grammar used in multiple everyday situations.  You’ll learn the correct way to answer basic questions and provide information in Spanish when asked.


-LSLC comes with many bonuses that are valued at well over $100, including some language material not found in any other course.

Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Programmatic Spanish-Level 1 (15 CDs, 17 hrs of audio training material + text book & instructional manual).

The Foreign Service Institute was developed by the U.S. Department of State over 40 years ago. It has been successfully used well until today to train CIA, FBI and other government personnel Spanish in a quick, easy and direct way.

2-FSIPS-Level 2
(11 CDs, 13 hrs of audio training plus text book and instructional manual).

3-FSIPS Level 3+Level 4 (Downloadable): 25 hrs of advanced Spanish audio training.

4-"Los Dichos" download: Common everyday sayings in Spanish that you may hear during your trip.

5-"Los Insultos-No Vulgares" download: This is a very helpful bonus which will teach you to recognize non-vulgar insults in case any of them are aimed at you!

6-"Los Insultos-Vulgares"
download: This downloadable bonus helps you understand when vulgar insults are being thrown your way.  Understand that much of this material contains expressions that are very rude and may not be appropriate for everyone.

The entire Learning Spanish Like Crazy is available as a download for $99.95 and includes:

-The whole course (30 lessons)
-The downloadable version of the 4 levels of "FSI Programmatic Spanish" (about 55 hrs of audio training).
-Text books and instructional manuals of FSI courses in PDF format.
-"Los Dichos" and "Los Insultos" downloads.

For $299, you can get the physical course shipped to you on CDs to your home.  The physical course contains:

-The whole course on 15 CDs.
-FSI Programmatic Spanish 1 on 15 CDs.
-FSI Programmatic Spanish 2 on 11 CDs.

Plus you get the following downloads:

-FSI Programmatic Spanish 3 & 4 (25 hrs of audio training).

-"Los Dichos" and "Los Insultos" downloads.

Learn Spanish Like Crazy - Full Review

The first level of Learning Spanish Like Crazy is an excellent course for beginning or intermediate Spanish students. The material itself is based on the linguistic approach for language learning, which is the same method young children use to learn their native tongue. They listen to their parents and others around them, and repeat the words they hear until they can successfully form basic sentences, greetings and so on. This is an entirely natural process of language learning and many people thoroughly enjoy it and retain the information more fully than through complex grammar and vocabulary drills.

One major aspect of LSLC is the inclusion of the Foreign Service Institute Spanish course. You generally could not buy this course as it was made available only to government officials, but it has now been released and is bundled with LSLC to provide you additional Spanish language vocabulary and training for a fraction of the cost.

Much of what you learn throughout the Learning Spanish Like Crazy course actually covers several levels of Spanish mastery, many of which would typically cost $100 or more per level if you were to purchase separate Spanish language software programs. Even the most well-known Spanish language programs can’t compete on the same level of material for a lower price – making Learning Spanish Like Crazy a great investment for anyone who’s serious about learning a new language.

Within 2-3 months, you should be able to make your way through the entire course and see a noticeable difference in your ability to speak, listen and read Spanish. Like any new endeavor, the time you take outside the course to practice and hone your language skills will act as “building blocks” to help prepare you for more advanced level dialogue.

Plus, you can buy with confidence, since learning Spanish Like Crazy comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. Try it for a full two months, and if you don’t notice a vast improvement in your Spanish fluency, simply ask for a refund and you’ll get it – no questions asked.

Ideally, you’ll want to opt for the less-expensive downloadable version as you’ll save $100 over the cost of the physical version of the course. However, the downloadable version does take time to download to your computer, so if you’re using dialup, you may be better served having the course delivered on CD.

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