Learn Spanish Phrases in 2 Weeks with Speed Spanish Pro

Learn Spanish With Audio Lessons

For some people, learning how to speak Spanish is frustrating.  They try courses, textbooks, tutors and software and still find themselves struggling.  Not being able to remember the correct words and phrases is one of the most common complaints heard when taking a Spanish language course.

If this sounds like you – you may simply be an auditory learning, meaning you hear by listening instead of writing, repeating or seeing the words.  The good news is, you can find many Spanish audio lessons available in a wide variety of formats including cassettes, CDs and mp3’s that are compatible with an mp3 player or iPod device.

With Spanish audio lessons, you can learn Spanish easily by understanding how words are pronounced.  This way, not only do you learn the correct sentence structure, but you also get the right pronunciation of the words when you speak. 

Another great thing about Spanish audio lessons is that you can tailor them to suit your personal schedule.  There’s no need to deal with class schedules or expensive lessons.  Just play the audio and pick right up on your lessons.  You can take your Spanish audio lessons with you while you work out, on your drive to work, or while you’re stuck in traffic.  It’s a great way to maximize your time while learning at your own pace.

The amount of time you spend learning with an audio lesson is entirely up to you and your schedule. There is not set time limit like when you take a course so you can learn at your own pace. This has shown to be a proven method in the learning process, when one learns at their own pace, they retain more information.

All of the Spanish audio courses you’ll find reviewed here have received top marks for their quality, consistency and affordability.  Many courses are also available as a digital download, so you can burn them to a CD or copy them over to your iPod or mp3 device and listen to them while you’re on the go.  Since they’re delivered digitally, you won’t need to pay a hefty shipping charge either!  Many of the digital courses we’ve reviewed are available at half the cost of shipping the physical version – or even less!

If you’d like to start learning Spanish right away, you can download the complete Speed Spanish Pro audio course absolutely free.  It includes 12 complete audio lessons plus transcripts to help you learn Spanish basics quickly and easily.  And it costs you nothing!

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