Learn Spanish Phrases in 2 Weeks with Speed Spanish Pro

How to Learn Spanish?

The most exciting part about learning Spanish is that you no longer have to go through repetitive drills or wear bulky headsets that look like they were last used in the 1970’s.  Today’s foreign language teaching methods are fast, fun and tailored to your unique needs. 

When it comes to learning Spanish, as well as any other language, there are four areas you’ll concentrate on.


The ideal way to learn a foreign language is to grab every opportunity you can to speak with native speakers.  If you can travel to a Spanish speaking country – you’ll learn and retain much more than if you bought Spanish language software or listened to a CD in your car.  That said, not everyone can afford to travel across the border or across the ocean – so for many people, a language software program or CD is an excellent way to get started.

Like learning any new skill, practice is important.  The more you practice, the more you’ll remember and the better you’ll be able to recall new words and phrases.  But speaking isn’t the only way to learn how to speak Spanish. Listening is just as important as it helps you to pick up new words, understand new sounds and learn words in their proper context.  Even as a baby, you learned your first language by listening to your parents and mimicking what was said around you.

Writing and reading Spanish is also crucial – particularly for travelers. Many people find it easier to learn a foreign language when they associate new words with common objects.  You may want to get some small index cards, write down Spanish words for items around your home, and then put the cards next to them.  Repeat the words often and notice how they’re spelled.  As you branch out and learn more, you’ll be able to read common Spanish language signs while you travel.

You should also quiz yourself often to make sure you’ve retained what you have learned in previous chapters or exercises.  Learning a foreign language builds on what you have already understood and mastered, so it pays to refresh your memory from time to time.
Good luck with your language study!